Audio testing is extremely slow, intermittently

A technician running participants on a protocol that has an optional listening test at the end is reporting that the listening test is taking 3-5 times longer that it should take. It should take about 2-3 minutes, but sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes due to extreme lag between tabsint pages.

I am having difficulty replicating such extreme slowdown. I have seen some slight slow down at the end of longer protocols, but the slow down was more like each page took ~1 additional second to load. This amount of slowdown is way beyond that and greatly interferes with our testing procedures. I am at a loss as to how to fix it.

Hi Trevor,

Thank you for bringing this up. We are not aware of this lag, but will look into it this week at Creare and get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi Trevor,
I spent some time trying to replicate this behavior without success. Using the WAHTS headset, I configured a Galaxy Tab A with the wrnmmc configuration and loaded the FIT_11k protocol. I completed the optional listening test without experiencing delay about 5 times, using both TabSINT 3.6 or TabSINT 3.7. Can you provide some additional information about this problem?

  • What version of TabSINT are the techs running?
  • What hardware is being used? Specifically, the headset and tablet models would be helpful.
  • Are any other applications running on the tablet when the slowdown occurs?
  • Did the protocol function without slowdown at some point in the past?

Thank you,
Engineer, Creare