checkboxResponseArea showCorrect feedback

In demoing a protocol, it seems that using “feedback”: “showCorrect” does not function the way I expect when responding to a response area type = checkboxResponseArea.

      "id": "test",
      "questionMainText": "This is a test",
      "responseArea": {
        "type": "checkboxResponseArea",
        "choices": [
            "id": "1",
            "text": "Choice 1"
            "id": "2",
            "text": "Choice 2",
            "correct": true
            "id": "3",
            "text": "Choice 3",
            "correct": true
        "verticalSpacing": 20,
        "responseRequired": true,
        "feedback": "showCorrect"

Alternatively, “multiplechoiceResponseArea” with the same feedback is accurate in giving me the response I am looking for. Ex: highlighting the response in green if correct, and red if incorrect. While I have not troubleshot, I am assuming the same may be true for “feedback”: “gradeResponse”

Please advise. I can provide more details on the protocol if needed.


The checkboxResponseArea schema doesn’t allow for a parameter called “feedback”. This page should fail validation.

Understood. Is it possible to add this functionality? I have a educational protocol comprised of both multipleChoice and checkboxResponseAreas. Feedback would be ideal for both types of questions.

@Devon I have created a feature request to add this feedback to the checkboxResponseArea.