Error when creating repository on Gitlab


I am trying to create a new repository on Gitlab and am using the guide under Data Interface. So far, the repository was successfully created and I uploaded the protocol.json file to the project. I have already successfully downloaded and tested this protocol locally so I know the protocol.json is valid.

However, when I try to +Add the protocol to my local tablet via Gitlab, I receive an error. In checking the logs, I found the error message “NOT_FOUND_ERR”. I am not sure if this is an error with the token, or otherwise.

Please advise.

Hi Devon,

I just got back from vacation, and can help you resolve this. The first thing that comes to mind is the Gitlab authentication. You have to create a token on Gitlab, then use that token on the TabSINT protocol page in order for the add from Gitlab to work. I believe there are some instructions on doing this here. TabSINT will try to use credentials from a built-in configuration under the covers, but that configuration won’t work for your own repository. If you’ve created and included your token already, let me know, and I can dig deeper.


I believe our version of TabSINT as been pre-configured with Gitlab credentials, i.e. the host/token/group fiends are already filled in. For all other protocols in this repository, the default credentials work. I have successfully updated other protocols (git tag, push, etc) that have already been created. But this is my first time creating a protocol from scratch. I am unaware with the need to establish a specific token when creating a project on Gitlab. I feel I may not be providing the information you need. I have looked into setting a Personal Access Token for my protocol under User Settings, but it does not fix the error I am experiencing.

You are providing exactly the information I need, I just thought I’d check the easiest things first.

Turns out, you’ve uncovered a bug. I recreated this issue, and found that no Gitlab protocols are working. The naming convention used by Cordova Gitlab when downloading and unzipping repositories has changed, which we were not handling. I’ve fixed this issue, and plan to release that fix soon. Note, the fix is here

Will I need to download a new version of TabSINT once it is released? How can I resolve the issue locally? This protocol will be downloaded on several tablets not directly in my possession.

Will I need to download a new version of TabSINT once it is released?

Yes, you will need to update TabSINT once that is released, in order to get the fix for adding protocols from Gitlab.

How can I resolve the issue locally?

To resolve this in the short term, you will need to load the protocol using another method. You can load them onto the SD card and use the Device Storage feature, or use the TabSINT Server feature.

Ok thanks. I still have some remaining questions-- and I may be getting confused. Do you have an email or phone number I could contact? I just want to make sure I am exhausting all options. We have a data collection taking place this Monday and using Gitlab as a center server would be an ideal way to manage data instead of locally storing on each tablet and needing to manually transfer the data files afterwards.

Thanks, Devon. I did some more digging, and you should be able to workaround this. It is in fact a bug with our code, though not exactly the one I described above. Nothing has changed in how Gitlab names downloads through their API. Instead, the problem is that TabSINT doesn’t handle repositories with upper case letters in their name. I’ve fixed this bug, but also worked around it for the ESiT protocol by renaming that repository for you.