Generate QR code error

Using TabSINT 4.3.0.
Andriod OS: 11
Tablet: SM-T290

I am trying to generate a QR code to utilize Scan Configuration option for remote sites. When I select Generate QR on admin mage I get the following Alert:

“Saving QR Code failed with error: [object Object]”

Please advise,

Thanks Devon. I’m taking over the Creare support on the TabSINT forum for Haley. I will work to reproduce the issue and get back to you.



At this point I can’t reproduce the issue. I have:

TabSINT 4.3.0

SM-T290; Android OS 10
SM-T220; Android OS 11

I don’t have the exact setup as you SM-T290; Android OS 11. I can’t update that tablet to OS 11 at this time as it was just updated from 9 to 10.

A few other things to try.

  1. Will you inform how TabSINT was configured before attempting to create QR Code? I will configure my tablets the same way and try again.
  2. Do you have a different tablet to try this on and if yes, let me know if it works.
  3. If you are delayed in getting this QR code, I may be able to create it for you if I’m having success and will send you the code.


I am trying to configure tablets with a protocol loaded from our Git hffd server “invicta_aud” or “invicta_wc”, setting results mode to Upload only and deselecting Admin Mode. The best feature of the QR is it automatically gives the Git Host/Token for easy access to our servers.

I do not currently have a different SM-T290 to try this on.

I should note I have previously experienced issues with QR codes functionality on TabSINT 4.3. reported to @val via e-mail 31 May. Basically, a generated QR was saving auto shutdown time as a string and thus causing connection errors with WAHTS for users trying to use that QR to configure their tablets.

That issue is suppose to be fixed in 4.4. so I wanted to report a new issue I seem to be having in generating a QR.

@Alison I should also mention that I was able to use the Generate QR feature on to properly configure and produce a QR.