Hearing Screening Protocol

Is there a protocol for hearing screening already created? We are looking for a protocol that just tests frequencies 500, 1000, 2000, & 4000Hz, at 40dB, then immediately to 20dB, with a simple yes/no response. Does something like that already exist? We are currently working on making our own protocol if not—thank you!

Hello Ariana,

We do not currently have a protocol that has exactly what you want but we have two options that could be helpful for getting started on making your own.

  1. Our built-in audiometry protocol has an example of screening. See the “Automated Screener” exam in this protocol.

  2. A screener protocol that is not on our open source gitlab, but I will email to you. It contains just screener exams, unlike the audiometry protocol which contains a lot of different exam types. You should be able to change the exam properties to the frequencies and levels of interest to you.

The screener exam is not set up to be a yes/no response. Instead when the user takes the exam, they have three tries to respond to a tone (the way the exam properties are currently set up, this can be changed). The user must respond successfully twice (according to the exam properties) in order for the response to be recorded as “Pass.”

Hopefully by changing the exam properties in the screener exam you are able to get what you want.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Engineer, Creare