Native protocols Results Page Error

Running into a consistent error on the Results Page for some of the Native WAHTS tasks on TabSINT 3.5.0. For example, both the FLFT, and Bekesy MLD tasks require a response on the first page, and upon completion, directs the user to a Results page giving the response.

Both of these tasks are incorporated into a larger protocol I am troubleshooting. The task itself runs smoothly but when the Results page is directed I receive the following:

“Internal error, please restart the exam. Please hand the device to an administrator”

The protocol still allows me to submit and continue running but I am not sure what it causing the error. It’s interesting that when I run certain subprotocols which include multiple WAHTS tasks, I get this issue. But when I run a manual selection which allows me to select only certain pieces of the protocol. There is no error, even if I choose more than 1 protocolId.

Alternatively, it may be nice to also skip the results page during administration. Is there an examProperty that allows for that?

The specific repository in question is under invicta_aud which is on the hffd server.

Than you.

@Devon This error is because the protocol doesn’t pass validation. The first page of each of the pre-set order subprotocols is missing a page id, which is causing an internal tabsint error that happens to crop up on these results pages.

The first page of the manual_battery subprotocol does contain an id which is why you don’t see the error when manually selecting.

This is a good example of how validation errors don’t always present in a straight-forward manner. Use the “validate protocols” checkbox when you load a protocol to make sure that the protocol is valid.