"PATH_EXISTS_ERR." on Local Export

I have not performed any troubleshooting yet but I received this report from a hearing technician performing WAHTS testing while attempting to perform a local export of data files.

"So, I did an export on all of the WAHTS we have been using yesterday. Most of them were exported no problem, but there were three tablets that would not allow me to export due to an error. It popped up as saying this next to each file: “PATH_EXISTS_ERR.”

Starting here to try and get this issue resolved.

Thank you,

Hello Devon,

Results files are normally saved using a hash and the date/time of the results, so they shouldn’t have identical filenames. Can you share the protocol you are using and what the Results Preferences on the tablets with issues are? The Results Preferences can be found on the Setup tab under Advanced Settings.

Engineer, Creare

The wahts_sop_clinic protocol (found in the hffd group on Gitlab) is the protocol in question. Result preferences should be set to Export Only mode.

I have confirmed that your custom file name includes the date and time, so there should never be two files with the same name (i.e. same path). What we believe is happening is that TabSINT is exporting to the device storage on the tablet, but not removing the results file from the TabSINT memory. A way to verify this is to check the results directory in internal storage (located in My Files app) to see if the results files that throw the error in TabSINT already exist there.

It would be helpful if your technician has (or could have) logs enabled when exporting the results so we could have more information regarding the error.

A temporary fix for this might be moving all the results files from the tablet to a computer and exporting from TabSINT again. You might end up with duplicate results files, but at least you know you haven’t lost any data.