Posthoc upload to hffd server after export?

One of the techs had been accidentally using the “export” instead of “upload” function for the fit data from tabsint. I have the tablets and I have the json files that were exported. I am wondering if it’s possible to somehow get the data uploaded to the hffd crearecomputing server as there are some formatting and field differences between json files that are exported directly from the tablet vs those that are downloaded from the server, and I’d like to not have to manually make those changes on my end. Is there any way to get json files uploaded after they have already been exported?

Thank you


Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, I do not believe we currently provide a way to do what you’re describing in an automated fashion. Let me know if I can be of more assistance.


It turns out we had documented this “export” vs “upload” confusion as something to be addressed. We are planning to combine those options in a future release. I’m sorry this doesn’t help you now, but thought you might want to know this is coming.

Thanks again for the feedback!

EDIT: you can also track this update in the gitlab issue

Note @marc came to a conclusion in the gitlab issue. This conclusion is to change the buttons available by default as a safety measure. That change will be in the next release, which will hopefully prevent this type of situation going forward.