Support for other headphones

Can we make TabSINT work with other headphones or in-ear earphones ?

Hello Sacharya,

TabSINT can be used for different purposes.

  • TabSINT can be used to run audiometry exams using the WAHTS headset. In the TabSINT/WAHTS system, the audiometer is housed in the WAHTS headset, so all of the response area types found here require a WAHTS headset. The WAHTS handles the calibration and the audiometry exam algorithms (including the tone generation for a pure tone audiometry test).

  • A user can create a questionnaire using the response area types found here. These response areas do not require a WAHTS or a headset of any kind as they do not produce signal.

You will not have access to the audiometry exams offered through TabSINT without a WAHTS headset. However, each page in TabSINT allows you to add an audio file with the wavFiles parameter. See the page schema to add an audio file here. To play these wav files, you are able to use headphones other than the WAHTS. To produce a calibrated level, the audio files that will be played through TabSINT must be calibrated internally on our server. We support calibration for Vic Firth headset and the Essential EPHD1 earphones.

Engineer, Creare