Survey protocol instruction page display

I am a new TabSINT user. I prepared some surveys in the hffd group for administering online via the github portal, however, when those are rendered through a browser (Edge/Chrome/Firefox), it skips the first page with instructions in the “subtitle” field, and directly starts with the first question page. Is there a way to fix it, other than adding another page with instructions?
Also, are there instructions for formatting the displayed text (horizontal alignment, bold/underline etc.), or does it follow a certain scripting language syntax?

You can use some HTML style tags in questionMainText and other strings:
"Has the <em style="text-decoration: underline; “>sound of your tinnitus changed?”
“How easy was it for you to IGNORE your tinnitus?”
“Say the word “<font color=“red”>PICK””
"<div style=“text-align:left”>Component 5:
Oral Residue

Hi @saphatak,

I looked at your protocols and see where you have added in a second page with a conditional to skip if rendered in the browser. If I understand correctly, the problem was that the initial landing page was being skipped through when rendered in a browser. Is that correct?

You are right @tristan. That was the problem. Hector helped me get around it by repeating the instruction page with a skipIf condition.