TabSINT 3.6 Breaks PCC Mode Select?

I tried to run the PCC protocol on TabSINT 3.6.0, but got an error on the mode selection page. Essentially, the user selects Research Mode (all the speech-in-noise tests and questionnaires) or Clinic Mode (a subset of the available tests), and the protocol saves a file, probably custom_dashBoard.json. Reverting to 3.4.0 solved the problem. I encountered the error two or three times and uploaded the logs. Tablet UUID e0ffb1

Details: PCC_Audiometer 7_n, but all the PCC versions use the same code

Hello Tom,

I attempted to replicate this issue but was unable to do so. Do you recall what the error you encountered was? Is it a TabSINT alert, or some other unexpected behavior? I will take a look at the logs you mentioned as well.

Engineer, Creare

I am unable to duplicate it on my TabE, but it was protocol error message, not a TabSINT alert. The message said that there was an error saving a file. Based on the fact that it was the mode selection page, I assume it could not save custom_dashBoard.json. Then the protocol ended.

Note that the mode selection page only appears (when things are working well) the first time you run the protocol. After you select ‘Clinic’, ‘Research’, or ‘Custom’, you don’t see that page again unless you select ‘Configure PCC Mode’ from the drop-down menu.