Three Digit Schema Question

Referencing the above schema, I don’t see a examProperty for masker, only “warmupMasker”. From the given definition it looks like defining it will only apply to any trials labeled as warmups. But I need to ensure the phase is correct (pos/neg). To circumvent, I have l labeled all my trials as “warmups” but wondering if there’s a masker property that’s not explicitly listed that will apply to the non-warmup trials. I attempted “masker” but it failed validation.

					"examProperties": { 
						"ear": "left", 
						"fixedLevel": 60, 
						"targetType": "timeCompressed", 
						"nPresentations": 10, 
						"maxSNR": 25, 
						"warmupN": 10, 
						"warmupMasker": "positivePhase", 
						"initialSNR": -14.5, 
						"fixedMaterial": "target", 
						"warmupIncorrectStep": 0,
						"warmupCorrectStep": 0

Also of interest is the ability to specify the SNR for warmups separate from the other presentations. Currently it seems you can only set an initialSNR. However, for warmups, it typically would make sense to have at an easier SNR. This is preferable than the alternative of setting up two pages.

Hi @Devon

During the Three Digit exam, the masker type is held constant through the warmup presentations but is randomly selected (positive or negative phase) for each presentation after the warmup period. Your method of labeling all of the presentaitons as “warmups” would be the only way to keep the masker constant throughout the exam.

You are correct that there is currently no method for specifying the SNR for the warmup presentations separate from the other presentations. To accomplish this you would need to use two different pages.