Unable to download/upload in TabSINT 3.4.0

Hi All! I have never posted in the TabSINT forum before so please provide guidance if I am doing this incorrectly. I instructed my research technicians to download TabSINT 3.4.0 last Friday to troubleshoot current protocols and the manual audiometry feature. All 8 of the technicians received the following error messages when downloading protocols from both the gitlab and tabsint repositories. 1. “The tablet is not currently connected to a wifi or cellular network. Please check you network connection” and 2. The gitlab repository could not be found. Please make sure the Group entered in your Gitlab Configuration is correct, and that the repository exists". Each tech verified that their tablet was connected to the internet and I confirmed they were each entering the repository information correctly (I can e-mail y’all screenshots if need-be). I believe Hector has already reached out to your team about the issue/he created a temporary fix but I wanted to utilize your forum as well!

Hi @Rebecca_Holtzman

Thank you for utilizing our forum! We are looking into this network connectivity issue and I will let you know what we find.


Hi @tristan

I just heard from our 1 LT’s and they are having similar issues while running TabSINT version 3.3.3

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This issue has been resolved and does not require a new TabSINT release. They will simply need to close and restart the app. Once the app is restarted, the wifi symbol will be displayed on the top bar indicating that it is connected to the internet.



FYI: As of last night and this morning we are experiencing the same issue again. I believe an e-mail was sent to @marc directly from @Devon


I have spoken with @marc and this should be resolved. Let me know if that is not the case.